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Irrigation equipment catchment calculation method

Date:2013-10-28 10:21:25  From:Xuzhou Taifeng Pumps CO.,Ltd

On the set of the water treatment, mainly abroad : vegetation management , surface treatment, chemical treatment three methods . Common set of surface material and its treatment measures are: set concrete surface , cement treated soil compaction , plastic film , Panax dust compaction process , the original soil compaction processing , cement tile green tile roof , asphalt spray treatment.
Catchment computing experience in a variety of forms , semi-theoretical semi-empirical calculations and formulas. Some of them are too simple, large calculation errors , such as rainfall - runoff linear regression calculation method ; Some methods , although more perfect in theory , but the practical application, they have to make some assumptions, plus precipitation event itself uncertainty , it weakened its practical value, such as watershed excess infiltration ~ fills compatible runoff model.
For the sub- catchment rainfall , with precipitation intensity precipitation event and the second close , in the design calculations, should fully consider their impact. Therefore, if the known efficiency and sub- catchment rainfall for catchment calculation method can be used:
1 ) first by the experimental data in the general theory of production under the direction of flow , rainfall catchment efficiency obtained times Ehi;
2 ) using the formula Poi = EhiPi calculate the times rainfall catchment ; formula , Pi, Ehi, Poi , respectively, for the second precipitation , sub- catchment precipitation efficiency , sub- catchment rainfall ;
3 ) cumulative catchment ΣPoi that each time period to get the total catchment.