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How to choose the right sprinkler irrigation equip

Date:2013-10-28 10:22:31  From:Xuzhou Taifeng Pumps CO.,Ltd

Irrigation machine is a kind of power machine , pumps , piping , nozzles, mobile devices and other facilities , according to irrigation methods to have a holistic combination of complementary irrigation equipment , the low- pressure water jet to , after the spraying evenly as raindrops fall to crops and land surfaces. Commonly used with a small sprinkler irrigation , irrigation system , irrigation system , mobile irrigation machines , reel irrigation machine , pointer irrigation machine, center pivot irrigation machine , round irrigation , sprinkler double cantilever other types. Many irrigation purposes , mainly for crops, forestry nurseries , livestock pastures , fruit trees, vegetables , cash crops , turf and garden flowers . In addition, for environmental control ( such as dust, wind , anti- hot wind , frost cooling , etc. ) , sewage treatment, pond aeration, and integrated spraying liquid fertilizer , herbicides, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides , etc. . Sprinkler irrigation adaptable, almost any crop , soil , topography, regional , climatic conditions are suitable .
Sprinkler irrigation to save water , save time , improve land utilization, is conducive to crop yield , strong adaptability .
Sprinkler irrigation equipment in the purchase should pay attention to :
1, the irrigation must meet standard requirements : Optional irrigation machine , you should first check whether their products meet national standards, industry standards or local standards. No national standards , industry standards or local standards sprinkler shall have provincial technical supervision departments for the record corporate standards.
2 , nozzle and pipe pressure must meet the requirements : requirements should be based on scientific and rational selection of sprinkler heads and pipes, sprinkler nozzle depends not only on the quality of job performance , and more importantly, depending on nozzle combination pressure pipe and inlet manifold pressure irrigation area is fundamental to the design .
3 , supporting the pipes and fittings must choose qualified products : selection of supporting pipes and fittings shall meet appropriate technical standards and testing organizations have issued by the provincial full- term test report.