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Irrigation equipment effectively improve irrigatio

Date:2013-10-28 10:26:53  From:Xuzhou Taifeng Pumps CO.,Ltd

Currently in China , due to the unique geography and climate , the uneven spatial and temporal distribution of rainfall , mostly in Inner Mongolia region arid and semi-arid hills, agricultural production is highly dependent on the water , there is water in order to achieve high and stable yield . Our country can be accounted for 7% of the world 's arable land to feed the world accounted for approximately 22 % of the population , and the role and achievements of irrigation inseparable . At present, the proportion of the total water consumption of irrigation water has undergone a remarkable decline in the process, showed a steady trend, but in the long run , with the industrial, urban , life, ecological water continues to increase, due to new water development potential more to smaller development costs growing, so there will still be part of the irrigation water into other industries .
Agriculture accounts for 70% of the country's total water consumption , due to the level of projects supporting the status and management of limited irrigation water use efficiency is only about 50%, resulting in the development of agricultural water-saving irrigation project is both universal demand , but also the ease in northern China one of the main countermeasures water shortages . Through a variety of water-saving measures how effectively improve the efficiency of irrigation water use is the fundamental task of developing water-saving agriculture . Northern China 's grain self-sufficiency and production development potential will depend largely on the agricultural water conservation awareness and practice standards.
This right of increased demand for irrigation equipment , irrigation equipment industry has also challenged for Xuzhou Ltd. Taifeng sprinkler irrigation equipment to constantly develop technology research, doing the best domestic irrigation .