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Irrigation equipment solves the difficult problem

Date:2013-10-28 10:28:43  From:Xuzhou Taifeng Pumps CO.,Ltd
The biggest problem is plagued agricultural irrigation problems, the general cultivation of agricultural land is very broad, carry on a fight drug crop irrigation is the most difficult issues, such as irrigation and plant protection machinery, sprayers appear on a good solution to this problem .
Breeze sprayer spraying, to avoid drugs blown operator who carried out field spraying, the nozzle should be pointing downwind side of the wind direction and should be traveling. Nozzle should be slightly downward pointing. Well as side to side, so that the droplet spread out and have some spray rate , wind speed and direction changes resulting foliage turning, droplets may adhere to the blade on the back .
The number should be placed to persuade cooperation and coordination with walking speed , step generally swing around the nozzle once as well, so regularly sprayed, can spray evenly, thoughtful. Cusp injection not too close crop to crop distance of 2 meters is appropriate, because the outlet velocity of 70 m / sec, easy to damage the foliage , and because wind speed is too high, some leaves will be blown with the wind direction parallel to, but not droplet deposition, while other branches are attached to the liquid too much, resulting in injury. Walking stopped, immediately shut down the spray switch, so as to avoid excessive spraying some plants.