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Application and features
QJ series well submersible pumps are widely used in agricultural irrigation and providing for people and livestock in mountainous areas. They are also applicable in water supply and drainage of factories and mines, able to work in deep well, rivers and reservoirs.
Well submersible pumps are devices to pump water, cinsisting of motors and pumps, witch are vertically xonnected. Thy can work conpletely under water continually.
There pumps bear small scate, light weight, conpact and simple structure, easy to be installed and operated. As new products, thy are hightly adaptable, energy saving, high efficient and advanced.
1.The motors are well-sealed with clear water inside which well not exchang with water outside. There are rubber pressure-regulating films at be bottom of the motors, which may automatically adjust the pressure of water when the temperature of the motors goes up.
2.To prevent sand in water from entering into the motors, there are sand-prevention devices on the top, which consist of sand sepsrstor rings and two oil seals. The water pumps adopt centrifugal impellers, simple and impact in structure.
3.Water lubrication bearings are adopted, simple in structure and good in corrosion and resistance.  

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